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Are you facing the challenges of low earnings and high market volatility? Yield givers delivers massive stable returns through innovative investment strategies, ensuring you confidently achieve your goals of generosity and financial stability.

Your 3-Step Process to Invest and Give like a Billionaire

✔️Complete your Givestor profile to get approved by our compliance team.

✔️Get the guidance and training of personal Givestor Guides.

✔️Access the App, grow your wealth, & empower communities.

Invest and Give like a Billionaire while Yield Givers propells your money to earn Passive Profits for you and your family while healing the world and making a real difference in global communities. Harness the power of Hyperbolic Crypto Growth while making benevolent change. Earn more returns and multiply your generosity effortlessly!


The Yieldening Begins

Get your Helmet, Shield, and Spacesuit ready because, if approved, your crypto can join our Rocket Launch without you needing to pick the next moonshot. Our investment products fight the evils of low returns, high risk, complicated strategies, and confusing fee structures. We multiply your investments effortlessly while you make a lasting perpetual difference in global communities. Join the journey and experience the future of financial giving and unprecedented investment returns. Let your wealth create a lasting impact for a better world.









Raised – $132,759

Target – $5,000,000

How to Multiply your Donations with YieldGivers?














Accelerate Your Journey, Overcome Roadblocks and Reach Your Goals Sooner

Because we understand the challenges of under-performing portfolios, we are committed to helping you grow financially and philanthropically.
Grow your wealth and give back with confidence. Our decades of experience have shaped unique investment strategies that blend innovation with practicality. These strategies are tailored for simplicity, accessibility and scalability, ensuring you can tap into elite market opportunities without complexity. Take the first step towards a prosperous future for you and your loved ones.
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+ Become the most generous member of your community

Yield Givers is the #1 Crypto Fund harnessing Hyperbolic Yield to give positive global change. Join us today and experience the future of financial giving and amazing investment returns. Let your wealth create a lasting impact for a better world. Yield Givers is your financial hub where your money works for you and the world. Earn more returns and multiply your generosity effortlessly while making a real difference in global communities. Test drive the best strategies and methods that outperform other investment options. Explore our Community Investing options, with 24/7 automated availability, once you are manually approved. Start investing in the future, set up a consultation, create an investment plan, and make a real difference today. Chat with an expert to learn more about how it works. Hear what our clients are saying: 

Our Roadmap

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Started Yield Farming on the Tron Blockchain


Studied Blockchain Engineering


Bought Some Crypto Miners

10-2020 Phase #1


App Beta Test


Improved research methods for more yield


Built the first DeFi dApp: Tron Stimulus


Started Sharing profits with $5,000 AUM

03-2021 Phase #3




Reached cap of Scalability while yield option dried up


Closed the Funds


Returned Assets to investors

07-2021 Phase #5


Alpha Launch


Finalized Stable coin Liquidity Mining Start


Employing 3 Shifts of Fund Managers 24/7


Security Testing App Launching in May 2024

05-2024 Phase #7

01-2021 Phase #2


Research & Design


Started teaching Yield Farming to Friends


Prepared for blockchain Developer Exams


Realized that Yield Farming is complex and not for everyone

05-2021 Phase #4


Beta Launch


Built the 2nd App on BSC: Passive Profit


Raised $2 million in Assets under Management

05-2021 Phase #4


Alpha Test


Expanded Strategy to liquidity Mining


Bullet- tested capital preservation during bearish Market


Built the new Yield Giver App on Arbitrum

The Leadership Team

Meet our esteemed team of seasoned experts, whose unwavering dedication and profound experience have been the foundation successfully havesting great yield with the power of DeFi + Web 3.0  for philanthropic endeavors.
Each member brings a wealth of knowledge, having sacrificed time and effort to pioneer solutions that embody our core values of sincerity, justice, and compassion. This dream-team blend of ethical commitment ensures every project is grounded in Islamic Ethics with ambitions to as high as Allah gives us guidance.
Act quickly to seize the opportunity to invest with us. Spaces are limited, and because we are committed to maintaining our transformative impact, we’re closing the doors to new investments at $1 Million soon. Join us today to be part of a pioneering movement that is setting new standards in the integration of technology, shariah compliance and charitable giving, creating a legacy of positive change and mutual prosperity.


Abdul Karim

President & Founder


Ibrahima Barry

Chief Executive Officer


Shazaib Ali

Chief Investment Officer


Ahmed Waquar

Chief Operating Officer

Have Any Questions?

Read our FAQ to Know More

How does YG ensure investments are Shariah-compliant?

Yield Givers utilizes a multifaceted approach to ensure Shariah compliance. We have established a robust screening process that evaluates every potential investment against Islamic financial principles. Furthermore, we collaborate closely with a Shariah advisory board, composed of respected scholars in Islamic finance, who provide ongoing guidance and oversight. This board conducts regular audits and reviews to guarantee that all our investment activities remain within the bounds of Shariah law.

How can I start investing with Yield Givers?

  1. Begin your transformative journey with Yield Givers today. First, forge your HeroVestor Profile by creating an account on our website, navigating through the KYC gateway for a secure foundation. Then, immerse yourself in our exclusive onboarding training to unlock deep insights into our ethical, Shariah-compliant investment world. Finally, choose your path to fuel growth and empower communities, with each investment amplifying positive change. Our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way. Transform. Empower. Grow. Join us now.

Can non-Muslims invest with Yield Givers?

Absolutely. Yield Givers is open to investors from all backgrounds who are interested in ethical, transparent, and socially responsible investment opportunities. Our investment philosophy is rooted in principles that are universally appealing, such as ethical investing, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. Non-Muslim investors who value these principles will find a welcoming and inclusive investment community with Yield Givers.

What types of assets does the Yield Givers DeFi hedge fund invest in?

The Yield Givers DeFi hedge fund diversifies its investments across a variety of asset classes that are compliant with Shariah principles. This includes Forex trading within ethical parameters, Liquidity Mining in projects with tangible social or environmental impact, Cryptocurrency Arbitrage that avoids speculative practices, Liquid Staking in platforms promoting financial inclusion, and investments in ethical DeFi projects that are vetted for their adherence to Islamic finance principles. This diversified strategy aims to optimize returns while maintaining strict compliance with Shariah law.

How does Yield Givers manage risk in its DeFi hedge fund?

Risk management at Yield Givers is multi-dimensional, involving portfolio diversification to spread risk across various assets and sectors, continuous and thorough market analysis to anticipate and react to market movements, and strict adherence to Shariah-compliant financial practices to avoid speculative and unethical investments. We also employ advanced analytics and technology to monitor risk in real-time, allowing for swift adjustments to our investment strategy as needed to protect investor capital.

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